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Hello, my name is Nelson Stewart. Welcome to my website about tax law. The proper completion of tax documents, and their prompt return to the IRS, keeps people from landing themselves in court against tax evasion charges. Whether miscalculations are deliberate or accidental, the IRS tends to catch people who are not paying their fair share of taxes. Taw laws are convoluted and difficult for the average person to understand. I created this site to help people better understand tax laws and improve their chances of abiding by those regulations. Please feel free to visit my site on a regular basis to learn more about tax law.


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Factors That Can Make Your Carjacking Charges Worse And How A Legal Advisor Can Help

Carjacking crimes are challenging to beat and even more complicated when there are aggregating factors to your charges. However, you can avoid a harsh punishment when you hire a criminal defense attorney to fight for you. They can evaluate your case to determine the defense strategies they can use to fight your charges. Their intervention might make the judge reduce your sentence to a few years or a smaller fine.

Here are some factors that might worsen your carjacking case and how a legal advisor can help.

Use of Force 

Including the use of force in your carjacking charges might make you face harsh punishment. In addition, using a blunt object or a gun may also make the judge offer you the maximum sentence for your crime. Fighting these charges alone might be challenging because you may not know the defenses to use. Therefore, you might consider hiring a legal advisor to defend you in court.

Injuring the Victim

Injuring the victim or their passengers during a carjacking incident can make you face severe consequences if convicted. In this case, the complainant might claim that you used a weapon to threaten them out of their vehicle or used the firearm to injure them when they refused to follow your orders. They might also tell the court that you left them bleeding by the roadside, which exposed them to danger. The judge might hand you a lengthy jail sentence if the victim suffered multiple injuries. However, some carjacking victims provide inaccurate information to make the judge believe they suffered harm during the incident. That's why you should consider hiring a lawyer to evaluate the statement the complainant gave to ensure that they only provided factual information.

How a Legal Advisor Can Help You

Fighting aggravating factors in carjacking cases requires a more aggressive form of defense. That's why you should consider hiring a legal advisor to defend you in your case. They will investigate the incident and gather the information that will enable them to defend you successfully. Your lawyer will use the evidence they gather to refute the charges preferred against you. In addition, it will enable them to raise a valid argument for innocence, which will convince the judge that the crime does not deserve severe punishment. For instance, if the evidence proves that there was no gun or weapon present during your arrest, they will ask the judge to punish you for carjacking without additional penalties.   

Carjacking with aggravating factors can make you face years behind bars or severe consequences. Therefore, consider hiring a criminal law attorney to fight for you. They will gather evidence and witnesses and represent you in court to help mitigate your charges.

Consult with a criminal law attorney to find out more.