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Hello, my name is Nelson Stewart. Welcome to my website about tax law. The proper completion of tax documents, and their prompt return to the IRS, keeps people from landing themselves in court against tax evasion charges. Whether miscalculations are deliberate or accidental, the IRS tends to catch people who are not paying their fair share of taxes. Taw laws are convoluted and difficult for the average person to understand. I created this site to help people better understand tax laws and improve their chances of abiding by those regulations. Please feel free to visit my site on a regular basis to learn more about tax law.


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DUI Law: What Is It and How Can a DUI Lawyer Help?

DUI, or driving under the influence, refers to where one operates a motor vehicle while inebriated. Although most DUIs typically involve cars, you can be charged with the offense for operating a lawnmower, watercraft, or even a bicycle while drunk.

What Does a DUI Entail?

Typically, a law enforcement officer has the authority to test your blood alcohol levels if they suspect that you are drunk. They can base their suspicions on your demeanor, for instance, if you have slurred speech or have difficulty sitting upright. When the officer gauges your behavior and believes you to be inebriated, they will then test your blood alcohol levels. If your blood alcohol level is too high, you may be arrested and face charges.

What Are the Consequences of Being Convicted of a DUI?


The law requires a police officer to remove persons driving under the influence from the road. Consequently, officers typically arrest anyone they deem too drunk to drive and book them at the station until they can post bond. This certainly means that one will spend some time in jail if they are suspected of driving under the influence.

Additionally, upon conviction, one may be sentenced to some jail time. This is certainly rare for first-time offenders, but repeat offenders are more likely to get longer sentences upon conviction.


Getting arrested for a DUI is an expensive affair. For one, you have to pay for your bond pending arraignment. Secondly, the judge may require you to pay fines upon conviction. Additionally, you may need to retain a lawyer to defend you in your proceedings. Overall, a DUI can place a heavy financial burden on an arrestee.

Loss of Driving Privileges

DUI convictions almost always result in the suspension or revocation of your driving license. If you lose your driving license, your car insurance company may also automatically revoke your policy, and finding a new cover can be expensive.

How Can a DUI Lawyer Help?

DUI attorneys can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case. They can also question the veracity of any tests conducted to determine your level of inebriation. Additionally, they can negotiate better terms with the prosecutor, resulting in shorter license suspensions or lower fines.


Although a DUI may appear to be a simple matter, it can get incredibly complex quite fast. This is why it is advisable to engage a DUI lawyer if you are facing any charges. With their help, you might manage to get the charges dropped or obtain a more favorable compromise with the authorities.